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Let’s be honest the majority of the flowers circulating are 1) grown by people you don’t know 2) in places you don’t know 3) using methods you don’t know. We are one of the few companies that carry locally grown flowers. If I had to choose one word to describe our flower experience it would be “clean”. Taste, smell, effects, you’ll notice our products are “clean”. The flowers will look and feel differently because they are fresh and were never vacuum sealed, concealed or traveled long distances. It was grown here. The smoke is light and smooth and the effects and solid. Use your rewards points to get this for free! Follow the process with the IG link at the bottom. We pride ourselves in full transparency. No pesticides, perfumes, colorings or dyes on our plants. Ever. Ever. Ever. Very limited supply.

Free kief with $300 flower order while supplies last.

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